The Snake Charmers



The Snake Charmers are dedicated to support the fundraisers and benefits that are directly connected to the members of the band, and our fans.  However, it is impossible for us to honor all requests. Before we can commit to your event, we ask that you please answer the following questions provided below. 

Please be as detailed as possible:

  1. Date, time and location of the benefit/special event, and how long you are requesting The Snake Charmers to perform.
  2. Is a professional sound system provided?  If yes, are they a professional sound company or another band?
  3. Explain why, your organization, or the family/individual is in need of financial supports.  How the monies raised will be used.  All organizations include your history, mission statement and programs.  Is your organization not-for-profit, as defined in section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code?  Individuals will need to explain why there is a need for financial support.
  4. Briefly explain how you, your organization, or the family/individual that is in need of financial support is affiliated with The Snake Charmers.  Include the individuals whose name we might recognize.
  5. What kind of support has been provided by the general public or business/corporate sponsorships?  Has there been any media/press coverage?  If yes, please list.
  6. Have other entertainment venues agreed to donate their time and talents for this event?
  7. Have other professional services agreed to donate their time and services for this event (liquor, food, hall, sound/PA, etc.)?
  8. Provide a list of all professional services to be utilized at your event that are being compensated(liquor, food, hall, sound/PA, etc).
  9. How can The Snake Charmers make a difference in the success of your benefit/special event?
  10. Provide your name, a daytime and evening telephone number where we can contact you with any questions regarding this request.

Please submit this questionnaire information via email to Please allow us one week to review your request.  Acceptance of your request will be made based on the response, and the availability of The Snake Charmers.

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